Unwrap your Christmas goodies with care.

This security concern, is entirely valid and is being demonstrated to us, over and over. Amazon, for example, has several fingers in cyber pies when it comes to turning entire product lines at Lowes into a shade of something digital, including Cloud Cam and Amazon Key which offers remote access to your home for delivery people.

The problem is, as soon as Amazon Key was introduced, the news headlines spotted that the remote video may have a fatal flaw and that residents may be viewing a still image, whilst dubious delivery men are robbing their home.

Cyber Security, Digital marketing and the Evolving market.

Although we would argue that there is still a vital need for direct marketing and cold calling, traditional no-frills cold calling is waning in effectiveness, with most consumers, be they millennials or simply under 50 years old, giving cold calling little or none of their time.

Not only that but although most of us still have one of those cute telephones that sit in our living rooms attached to the wall, we don't use them anywhere near as much as we used to.

Net Neutrality.

The Internet prides itself on being non-discriminatory, a place for free minds, free commerce where every budding entrepreneur can make it on the web, because anyone has a chance to rank on Google or another search engine if they have the tenacity, right marketing and entrepreneurial drive. However, that free-market thinking, is now being heavily regulated.