Cyber Security Best Business practices

Outlined here are 10 cybersecurity practices we believe that you should be incorporating for your Business IT safety, immediately:

  1. It all starts at home – Educate your Staff

Your workers, are unfortunately, the thorn in the side of IT security practices. You must mitigate the level of risk. Basic training must include password protection skills, recognition of phishing scams, simple malware applications and company privacy policies.

Different Approaches to Cybersecurity.

As a side thought, it's almost comical how Presidents Trumps' 'swamp draining' could collaborate with all kinds of nefarious cyber criminals, both parties wanting to get a look into the everyday appropriation of public money that is arguably happening in Washington.

One country, stoic until the end on cybersecurity is the communist republic of China. It is the only country that has not one but two Great Walls - China’s Great Wall (you know, the one you can see from outer space) and the Great Firewall.