How do Millennials Affect Cyber Security?

So where do millennials come in? It’s hard enough when outside forces that you can’t control such as a hacker group get their hands on your weapon, but what if the leak starts on the inside? We increasingly find that Millenials, using Howe and Strauss definition of the demographic cohort of individuals born between 1982 and 2004, feel a greater international and ideological social obligation than the obligation to protect the assets of the company they work for.

Cyber Insecurity - Can the new Google Security Measures Protect Us All?

If you have a Mac computer the chances of you getting hacked are pretty low, as due to  Windows proliferation in the marketplace most cyber-attacks target computers with Windows systems, so if you have a Mac you are safe and sound.

But what do you do if you have an android device like most people out there?

Ah - ha..

Cyber Security Risk Management

Cyber Security Risks: different and more dangerous than any other business risk? Cyber security and Risk Management, focuses on the integration of cyber security risk management in the enterprise risk management framework. Cyber security risks have been a concern ever since 1969, when the first nodes of data were transmitted over the precursor to the World Wide Web. The World Economic Forum now ranks them among the greatest threats to global stability - bested only by war, drought, climate change and large-scale migration.

Are we in the middle of a cyber war?

Pyotor Levashov, who has possible connections with several international hacking syndicates, is not the first Russian hacker arrested in what is turning into "TrumpGate", however, his story only hit the headlines when his wife told reporters that he was connected to a collective of Russian hackers that took part in interfering with the US elections.

Strange when your own wife admits your potential involvement in a capital crime, isn't it?