What's up at WhatsApp

So where did it all go wrong?

Researchers in Germany discovered that whoever controls the WhatsApp servers can secretly add new members to private groups, giving them the chance to read group conversations. Furthermore, the members of the group chat may not be notified as a spy can cover their tracks by changing the settings on the group.

Biometrics and Identity theft

Cracking numeric-text passwords can be approached in a variety of ways and most data breaches will start with a simple phishing campaign. Even the most novice of hackers will have some idea of how to break one factor authentication passwords, which according to Verizon, accounted for over 80% of cyber security hacks in 2016, we are sure the 2017 statistics are similar. 

Keeping Your Children Safe in the Age of Smartphones

Monitor Your Kids’ Activity

A simple Norton Security Premium account will give valuable insight into your kids’ activity on Android phones, as well as allow you to control the kind of content they can install or access, they don't even need to know you are watching.

Some of the options include turning off YouTube access, you can see these restrictions as installing a PG rating on less than child-friendly material which is still widely available.