September 2017

The Future of Programming Human Resources

Increasingly, would-be programmers can participate in coding boot camp and learn the basics in 18 months.

This isn't to say, anyone can become a coder, they can't, in the same way that not everyone can become a Lawyer, Doctor or Accountant – even if the country you live in is willing to give you loans to pay for your education. Apart from having the smarts, you need to have a good basic grasp of IT. It takes a certain type to fill the title of Programmer, but the opportunity is very much there.

Female Entrepreneur Starts Business, Summit

With the rise in cyber threats over the past few years, Cyberhub CEO Karin Zalcberg saw a void and began a program to educate and protect the public. 

That was when she was at her previous job where she led an aggressive sales team in financial services and worked with a diverse clientele of companies, including online gaming, biomedical, insurance and education. 

The aftermath of Equifax

Simply put, no one seems to be able to do the math, maybe because the numbers were so high (the massive data breach affected approximately 143 million consumers in the USA). Compare that to the total population in 2017 and you get 44%! That’s a cringe-worthy 'almost' half of the entire population having their personal data breached!

Behavioral Biometrics

Any kind of external information is very susceptible to being stolen, whether it’s your password, your kid's birthday, drivers license, social security number - damn you Equifax!

Take a deep breath, even though there may be some justice in the swift and recent dismissal of many of the Equifax crew, we must at some level accept, we are waking up to the same predicament, regardless of any recent measures being taken.

Let's Face it, Biometrics is the Future.

The New iPhone is being promoted loudly with biometric security measures using facial recognition ID instead of passwords which seems pretty risky as many consumers just aren’t there yet, when it comes to biometrics.

There were several companies that have tried developing this feature in the past. Samsung’s facial recognition feature was circumnavigated by a picture of the person. Android had a similar feature that was easily hacked back in 2011.

China says No to ICO’s

Why are ICO’s so risky? 

Unlike traditional IPO's where buyers gain shares, during an ICO, each company is given a virtual token (its own form of cryptocurrency). The token goes up in value only if the company proves viable, then it becomes liquid again.

Not only do the companies often not prove viable, hackers can influence the outcome of the market. You would think that these companies that depend on cryptocurrencies would have kept better tabs on their cyber security.

I Spy State - Sponsored Malware.

Well, either that or international spies are getting worse at covering their tracks.  Cyber espionage, emanating from Eastern Europe and South Asia are providing fresh headlines and giving us pause for thought. How deep into the IT Government rabbit hole have Cyber spies have actually been able to go?

Pretty far, ESET researchers recently uncovered Gazer, a malware operation targeting National bodies such as Ministries, embassies and consulates worldwide. They have identified at least four different variants mostly being deployed across Europe.

CyberHub Summit Welcomes Shark Tank's Robert Herjavec to Cybersecurity Summit November 8-9, 2017, Atlanta, GA

"Look at what has happened at EQUIFAX." The Atlanta-based credit monitoring company hacking has left more than 90% of Americans exposed and vulnerable to serious cybercrime. Says Zalcberg, "If you're a CEO, there is no excuse for not knowing how to protect your company's data, and more importantly, your company's customers."

Robert Herjavec of ABC's Shark Tank and CEO of The Herjavec Group to speak at Cyberhub Summit November 9th