October 2017

Who's watching you?

Unfortunately, Apple users, it's happening right now. This week a brilliant researcher by the name Felix Krause discovered an alarming vulnerability in Apple software which beggars' belief and knocks our faith in our best friends, our phones.

The funny thing is that it’s not really a vulnerability - it’s an actual feature!

Daylight Robbery at the A.T.M

So, it's nice to have some good old-fashioned bank robbers in the news, once in a while.

Stealing from banks used to hold the celebrity status within the world of outlaws, as other than requiring the skills of being completely immoral it requires daring and fearlessness. The primary element being hugely attractive to potential crooks was and remains, beyond the status, the huge sums of cash you can swipe in one break-in. This was of course until cybercrime came along.

Cyberhub Summit Goes Deep Into the Equifax Turmoil and Launches CyberHub Academy in Response

Launching on November 8 and 9th, 2017, at the Omni Hotel at CNN Center, Cyberhub Summit endeavors to explore and explain the Equifax data breach, the impact of Fake News on Cybersecurity, and puts a warning light on Cybersecurity's greatest weakness -- the average corporate employee.

Says Cyberhub CEO, Karin Zalcberg, "Corporate leaders have not explored training for their employees. They are stuck in the past and honestly don't know what to do." Zalcberg adds, "Cyberhub Summit is just the first of our goals designed to move the needle on cybersecurity awareness."

Time to Panic? Potential Wi-Fi Security Breach Uncovered

Biggest Internet Security Threat Ever?

Details of the latest vulnerability discovered in the WPA2 protocol have until this point not been shared with the public. The breach was discovered by the group of researchers who developed KRACK, pointedly spelled with a K and an acronym for Key Reinstallation Attacks.

Cyber Security Best Business practices

Outlined here are 10 cybersecurity practices we believe that you should be incorporating for your Business IT safety, immediately:

  1. It all starts at home – Educate your Staff

Your workers, are unfortunately, the thorn in the side of IT security practices. You must mitigate the level of risk. Basic training must include password protection skills, recognition of phishing scams, simple malware applications and company privacy policies.