December 2017

Net Neutrality.

The Internet prides itself on being non-discriminatory, a place for free minds, free commerce where every budding entrepreneur can make it on the web, because anyone has a chance to rank on Google or another search engine if they have the tenacity, right marketing and entrepreneurial drive. However, that free-market thinking, is now being heavily regulated.

Bitcoin value proves not so nice for NiceHash

The bad news is that Cybercriminals are unequivocally obsessed with cryptocurrency and this recent thrust in the price of one the most popular cryptocurrency is yet another reason to exploit it.

Most recently, NiceHash, one of the largest Bitcoin mining marketplaces has been hacked and $70 million taken. With zero connection to cannabis, NiceHash is relatively new player in Cryptocurrency that gives users the ability to buy or sell the hashrate that their mining hardware generates with one of the supported crypto algorithms. Users exchange “hashing power” for BTH (bitcoins).

Measuring Online Success in Billions

After Amazon, who consistently refuses to sell Chromecast, added further insult to injury by removing the Google products, Nest Secure and E Thermostat from their listings, Google has responded in kind and removed YouTube from Fire products.

Amazon took its sweet time to release a Prime Video app for Android in the Google Play Store, only permitting this in 2017. Prior to this, users had to install Amazon’s own app store  and then install Prime Video, which still doesn’t support Chromecast.


Not really, it's actually a little bit creepy and now that the existence of web-tracking and similar methods companies use to keep your digital footprints in stored data has been completely and publicly revealed, some of us are even a little peeved.

CyberHub Academy’s 5 Holiday Cyber Security Tips.

1. Protect the human factor

As hectic as the end of the year is for everyone involved in a business, there are certain security measures that should not be ignored or overlooked. You should establish rules and practices with your employees on how to handle and protect customer information and other vital data.

2. Update your passwords

Paypal and Cyber Vulnerabilities

The global e-commerce platform PayPal disclosed a data breach that may have compromised roughly 1.6 million customer accounts.

Be honest folks, you’ve been scared to go into cryptocurrency for the fear of those massive breaches of ICOs, wallets, and personal accounts. You never worried too much about PayPal, well, that time is over.

Turns out, the breach may not be as bad as it looks, or maybe that’s just what PayPal wants us to believe.

From Russia with love

However, moving on to places where some form of justice can be meted out, this week a Canadian hacker has plead guilty to a pretty creative cybercrime.

Karim Baratov, who apparently goes by two other names - Karim Akehmet Togbergenov and Karim Taloverov, is one of the 4 hackers that were charged with massive Yahoo data breach back in 2014. Actually, it was 2 hackers - Alexsey Belan and Karim Baratov, and two Russian intelligence officers from Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) - Dmitriy Dokuchaev and Igor Sushichin.

Upcoming : A Cyber War

Not only can hackers steal all your banking info as you type in your password but they can also hack into your email and social media accounts.

Security researchers found a new and improved form of the famous Zeus banking Trojan that is a real Zeus 2.0. Under its alter ego -Terdot, which was first discovered in 2016 and tailor- made to steal banking information.

Researchers at Bitdefender discovered that the Trojan was revamped with new espionage functionality that allows it to create fake SSL certificates and gain access to your cyber social and personal data.