5 Cybersecurity pages you should be following on Facebook 

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5 Cybersecurity pages you should be following on Facebook 

Fri, 02/01/2019 - 00:21
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Facebook is no longer a simple social media platform. 

With a market cap of $500 billion (CNN Business: 2019), Facebook is one of the most successful companies ever.  Just google Facebook net revenues or Zuckerberg’s net worth and your eyes will balk, ultimately leaving you thinking, are all these millions of dollars really generated through ads and retargeting? 

Well yes, and no.

Facebook has made itself an authority on everything, from pages to support groups to reviews, it’s not just a network, it’s an info-hub, somewhat like a search engine. 

If it exists as a source of information, it’s probably somewhere on Facebook.  

Many highly intelligent and influential cyber tech enthusiasts and experts regularly publish on Facebook pages, either personal or company pages. 

Facebook is shaping itself to be a go-to learning destination for current cybersecurity issues and trends. 

Here are the top 5 accounts to follow on Facebook:

Cyberhub Engage 

Apart from promoting top events, the Facebook page of Cyberhub Engage is full of engaging news and industry highlights.  

CyberHub is a great place to update on the latest news and cyber security data. Besides the various blog posts available there, there are also stimulating data points about global cybercrime as well as expert opinions on upcoming and current issues. 

One of the most thought-provoking topics you can learn from here are the multiple podcasts, where respected thinkers and guests come to discuss. Definitely worth a serious viewing.



With their riveting blogs and insights from key members, the Malwarebytes Facebook page has a lot to offer. 

The company itself has won several awards as highlighted on their page and users and visitors have the opportunity to interact with one of the cyber security powerhouses on a more personal level.  

This is a great resource for a team dedicated to attacking malware head-on and hard, with multiple thinkers and great tips from their team, there is a lot to learn on this page. 


Krebs on Security

For the lowdown on more, or less controversial topics in IT security, Brian Krebs is an absolute go-to, and his blog is among the most famous and well- respected. 

Although he only offers blog posts through his Facebook page, his pieces on cybercrime and IT security are investigative, intoxicating and highly readable.

He has a large, dedicated and interactive following on both Facebook and twitter. 


Cisco Security

It’s time to call in the heavyweights, Cisco are a leading threat intelligence, IT and networking conglomerate.  They work with cyber-threats in a continually changing system and their social media presence is both informative and current. 

For the slightly more techie-minded readers, this is the place for you.

They have a blend of explainer videos, informative blogs and event reminders on a mixture of IT issues, not exclusively focused on security. 


Dark Web News

With a focus on American security news and a slight tendency towards political issues, Dark Web News still has a lot to offer as a Facebook resource for fascinating blogs, on TOR and hidden markets.

 For more information on TOR itself (if you have never heard of it – Please watch House of Cards) or more devious happenings across the internet, watch/read this space.

 Although the reputation of these blog writers as an authentic source of information is comparatively much less than the others, Dark Web News takes a stab at issues that are largely overlooked elsewhere.