Cyber Awareness tips

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Cyber Awareness tips

Tue, 04/10/2018 - 19:02
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To make sure we have a full arsenal against malicious cyber-attacks, any smart tactician would tell you that your tech solutions are only half of your artillery. In addition, a magnificent shield against hacker attacks is a high level of cyber security awareness.

Cyber security awareness contains a comprehensive and rounded perception of online threats and the potential steps you can take to mediate risk. Regardless of the operating systems used and data that you work with through a myriad of vulnerabilities, hackers can get hold of sensitive information.

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By using best practices in security awareness and taking note of our helpful tips, you should be able to address cyber vulnerabilities more effectively and be prepared with counter measures.

Cyber awareness includes taking a holistic approach to: Safeguard systems with IT; Prevent human-error weaknesses caused by user action and anticipate possible attacks.

Have a read through our top five tips to enhance Cyber security awareness.

Tip 1: Endorse cyber security through staff training

Why should your employees be more enthusiastic than you about Cyber Awareness? The truth is they shouldn't and they won’t be – stand at the helm and celebrate your commitment to cyber security by bringing staff members into the learning curve.

Users are known as the weakest link in the cyber security chain (for good reason) and everyone must be aware of security issues related to computer scams, at the very least regarding phishing attacks and social media. Both of these types of methods are highly susceptible to cyber attacks and especially in an environment of BYOD, many users are particularly vulnerable.

Tip 2: Create a Strategy

 Have you:

  • Identified security control cracks and holes?
  • Pinpointed susceptibilities in the IT environment?
  • Examined your level of preparedness?
  • Expressed threat incident response procedures?

Take a comprehensive approach by integrating both hardware and software solutions to attacks, prior to a cyber-attack. Use effective Firewall, 2-factor encryptions and anything else you can get your hands on to increase a first line of defense before you get hit.

A great deal of cyber-attacks is orchestrated by simply throwing out a line and seeing which companies use a weak prevention-system and a strong first line of defense will immediately get rid of a lot of would-be cyber criminals who are simply aiming their attacks at companies that appear vulnerable, the trick is to not look like you are.

Tip 3: Stay Updated

Awareness is also about staying one step ahead, or at least being on an even playing field with the hackers. Keep yourself informed on latest technological developments and updates. Company investments in Cyber tech are rising every year and budgets are being redistributed around security.

To defend IT systems, focus on defending through detection and deterrence and halting future threats through documenting current issues and delaying the onset of future attacks. 

Tip 4: Develop and convey a security policy

Offices aren’t what they used to be, with many employees working remotely, using various devices and software – your Cyber security policy becomes of huge importance. Rules must be extremely well defined and adhered to, which would usually include identification for e-mailing or downloading files and using alternate connection methods (wireless connections, Bluetooth).

Tip 5: Use Intelligence Gathering

Your IT department should be proactive rather than reactive. Intelligence gathering by analyzing behaviors in your system and identifying normal patterns give you more of a chance to anticipate where you could expect attacks. You can alternatively hire a Penetration testing company to do this for you.