Petya Ransomware attack is happening again

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Petya Ransomware attack is happening again

Sun, 07/23/2017 - 16:43
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By James Azar

Cyberhub Summit

It wasn’t long ago that people were scrambling to retake control of files encrypted by “wannacry” ransomware, today Europe was taken over by a close relative of “wannacry”. Many major organizations are reported to be victims of this cyberattack.

A few notes about this recent attack:

  • It’s very similar the “wannacry” attack by targeting the MFT (Master File Tree) and blocking access to files on the desired computers and servers.
  • The hackers are asking for bitcoin for payment. Same bitcoin address for payment as the “wannacry” attack.
  • Price of bitcoin will skyrocket in the upcoming days as more people buy bitcoins to pay the hackers.
  • Various media reports are indicating that many companies in Europe, Ukraine and Russia are the victims of this attack with shipping giant Maersk reporting a worldwide outage due to a cyberattack.

How can you defend yourself?

I’ve been asked this question many times today and I will give three best practices for this:

  1. Backup your files to multiple places including offline storage such as local hard drive.
  2. Patch your system all the time. Ensure you are taking advantage of every software update, especially on the more vulnerable operating systems.
  3. Avoid opening attachment from sources you don’t know or have no reason to send you an attachment.

Finally, one topic we are covering at the CyberHub Summit this upcoming November is Cybercrime and why does it pay and how do you stop it. This is sure to be an exciting topic and one that many will be there to listen to.