Top 4 Women CEOs of Atlanta

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Top 4 Women CEOs of Atlanta

Fri, 03/01/2019 - 23:51
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The big cheeses at the big companies are by and large, male – in fact, the number of women leading the largest companies is relatively small, from last year’s Fortune 500 only 24 female CEO’s were named. This came as a decline from an equally small number of 32, the previous year. 

There are many areas worth talking about here, including the why and manner in which women CEOs seem to be dropping out or getting overlooked in huge numbers, or we could focus on the positive part – that Atlanta, contrary to the national trend, is full of powerful female CEOs we should be hugely proud of. Gender diversity in leadership is on the up in Atlanta and we are smashing through that glass ceiling with a sledge hammer. 

With a larger leadership talent pool in our great city, we only have what to gain 

Let’s introduce you to some of our Leaders:

Karin Zalcberg

The Founder & CEO of CyberHub Summit, Karin does not only have an excellent reputation for doing business the right way, but is dedicated to keeping our city cyber safe. 

In 2009, Karin founded Karinza based on a passion for teaching sales, inspiration and providing top-notch value. Her unique passion, energy and drive have taken her from Karinza through to CyberHub and Cyberhub summit, where she is just as fervently investing in protecting the local community, building secure digital defenses against cyber criminals and training the next generation. 

Karin Zalcberg has managed to transfer her huge bank of knowledge from a sales and business background to identify patterns of behavior and leadership needed in the growing cybersecurity community. She believes wholeheartedly as do we that women have a firm place in the cybersecurity landscape in both tracking and preventing hackers. 

Amanda Brown Olmstead

Created and leader of Brown Olmstead Associates, a hotel with 46 six years under its belt, Amanda Brown Olmstead, has taken branding and taste to a brand-new level. By deeply integrating all the marketing methods and creating a truly enviable brand the hotel has earned its place in the Lodging Magazine as one of the most Innovative Hotels in the Country.

With a deep commitment to civic duty, Amanda Brown Olmstead has made herself a social as well as business leader since she arrived in Atlanta back in the 1960s, heading up the Salute to Women of Achievements committee, focusing on diversity in the city and acting as a member, co-chair and recipient of the award. 

Amanda Brown Olmstead is a pillar in the community that is not only successful but seeks to inspire success in other women. 

Tonya Hicks

Founder of Women Do Everything, Tonya Hicks is short-circuiting the gender stereotypes one by one. A board-certified electrician, she decided to transform the home improvement market because it was a little too male dominated. 

Yes, don’t spit out your coffee, but Tonya is challenging the status quo and has founded Women Do Everything (WDE), a company devoted to educating women to take care of it themselves, from laying down carpet to electrical wiring. This kind of equality hits gender discrimination right where it hurts and shws her passion for both social change and financial empowerment.

Kathryn Finney

Founder of Digitalundivided, general partner at Harriet Fund Kathryn Finney pioneered one of the first lifestyle blogs ever: The Budget Fashionista – this went viral to say the least and was sold to a major media firm, making Kathryn a pioneer in Black Female history, as one of the first to sell a digital media platform. 

She didn’t stop there, otherwise she wouldn’t be on our list, Kathryn then progressed on to help other break the gender barriers with digitalundivided, a startup accelerator based in Atlanta and New Jersey, dedicated to finding and helping female-led startups. 

In the digital era we need real leaders, that can commit to keeping us safer, stronger, as well as being successful in their own business endeavors.  Watch out world – here comes Atlanta!