Time to Panic? Potential Wi-Fi Security Breach Uncovered

This means that traffic shared over countless wireless networks globally will become an easy target for hackers and other malicious users looking to obtain sensitive information.

Biggest Internet Security Threat Ever?

Details of the latest vulnerability discovered in the WPA2 protocol have until this point not been shared with the public. The breach was discovered by the group of researchers who developed KRACK, pointedly spelled with a K and an acronym for Key Reinstallation Attacks.

Attack of the Phones.

Creeping because the numbers are growing and creepy, because your phone comes with this malware pre-installed.  Checkpoint believe that this malware was added into the supply chain and to phones as far back as September 2016.  

Check Point researchers have tracked this back to the distributor Tian Pai which has meant a large range of phones have been infected, namely Honor, Huawei, Xiamo and Oppo. If you haven't heard of any of them, they think that Samsung got hit too. 

Alert for 2018: The Top Four Developing Cyber Threats

Cybercrime is unlikely to take a backseat this year. In fact, it's highly likely that Cyber security will come as an intrinsic element of any automation equipment purchased.

As the innovation in the technology market continues to advance at a pace that we could have barely fathomed fifteen years ago, so do weaknesses.

Airport takes down free WiFi, scales down website in wake of cyberattack on Atlanta computers

ATLANTA – In the wake of a cyberattack on city of Atlanta computers, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport has taken precautions to ensure computers at the world's busiest air terminal remain unaffected.

According to airport spokesman Reese McCranie, the airport has taken down its free public WiFi and also removed some of its website’s functionality that lists flight information and wait times.

In a story first reported by 11Alive, city of Atlanta computers have been cyber attacked by ransomware that has encrypted some personal and financial data.

The Top Four Ways Hackers choose their next Victim.

Your best bet is to have a greater awareness of the typical and obvious vulnerabilities present in your system, because whilst many victims ask "Why me?", we ask "Why does it matter?" 

You may have been chosen randomly or you may be a target because of the nature of your business, the truth is, you'll never know. What you can know, is how a typical hacker operates and make yourself into a hard to reach and complicated prospect.

To begin our series of looking at the Hacker from the 'Inside out" here are four approaches that hackers use to lock on to their next target: