Telugu Chaos

Can you imagine our surprise, when we found out that there is a superb yet super easy way to crash numerous iOS devices with just one character?

The bug was first spotted by an Italian Blog called Mobile World. It's essentially a text bomb and it requires users to send one single character from the language called Telugu - a native Indian language that's spoken by over 70 million people in India. 

Here is what the character looks like: 

Cyber Criminals and Human Catastrophes: How do they sleep at Night?

Disaster fraud, an all-encompassing term to cover both on and offline fraud of individuals post-catastrophe, covers issues such as: price-gouging, fake charitable solicitations, contractor fraud, property insurance fraud and forgery.

In terms of Cyber-fraud, the majority of these criminal acts fall under bogus charitable solicitations, contractor fraud and forgery, although it can spill over into other areas.

What's up at WhatsApp

So where did it all go wrong?

Researchers in Germany discovered that whoever controls the WhatsApp servers can secretly add new members to private groups, giving them the chance to read group conversations. Furthermore, the members of the group chat may not be notified as a spy can cover their tracks by changing the settings on the group.

Bitcoin value proves not so nice for NiceHash

The bad news is that Cybercriminals are unequivocally obsessed with cryptocurrency and this recent thrust in the price of one the most popular cryptocurrency is yet another reason to exploit it.

Most recently, NiceHash, one of the largest Bitcoin mining marketplaces has been hacked and $70 million taken. With zero connection to cannabis, NiceHash is relatively new player in Cryptocurrency that gives users the ability to buy or sell the hashrate that their mining hardware generates with one of the supported crypto algorithms. Users exchange “hashing power” for BTH (bitcoins).

The Kaspersky Connection.

If you read these posts, you will have noticed the Kapersky name mentioned frequently.

Kaspersky Labs, a heavyweight in the provision of cyber security products is headquartered in Russia and operated through the United Kingdom. Their comments, investigations and position on cyber security situations are taken very seriously and they have international prestige and standing. Unfortunately, the eye of doubt may need to be cast over Kaspersky’s political independence, for the sake of cyber security.

Hacking The Hackers

When hackers create malware software and target others, they actually prefer to catch other hackers in order to target their tools and utilize them. This was demonstrated this week by the Newsky Security researcher Ankit Anubhav with a new PHP script given freely on several underground hacking forums

Daylight Robbery at the A.T.M

So, it's nice to have some good old-fashioned bank robbers in the news, once in a while.

Stealing from banks used to hold the celebrity status within the world of outlaws, as other than requiring the skills of being completely immoral it requires daring and fearlessness. The primary element being hugely attractive to potential crooks was and remains, beyond the status, the huge sums of cash you can swipe in one break-in. This was of course until cybercrime came along.

Haas - Hacking as a Service

As you know ransomware attacks are becoming more and more common with WannaCry, NotPetya, and LeakerLocker still ravaging people's lives and bank accounts globally.

In a recent streak of brilliance, hackers created an Android app that teaches you how to create your own ransomware and distribute it to a wide and far-reaching audience. This way, non-technologically savvy users are able to make malicious software. Knowledge is a powerful tool, so you should have it too.

Hacking Games of Thrones.

Hackers claim to have stolen 1.5 terabytes of private data from the TV network HBO. This includes scripts, never-released episodes, private information about actors and about upcoming shows. This includes a list of personal addresses and phone numbers of Game of Thrones celebrity actors.

For all the Curb Your Enthusiasm fans out there, there was also some information about the upcoming episodes leaked in the hack, so enjoy.