A heart stopping discovery: FDA recalls close to half-a-million pacemakers in response to cyber security vulnerabilities.

Six models of the devices, manufactured by Abbott (formerly known as St. Jude Medical), were included in the recall which the FDA claims is intended as a “corrective action.”  Officials say people affected by the recall will not require to have the pacemaker removed and replaced, but rather they can fix the vulnerability with an upgrade to the device’s firmware, which will take approximately three minutes to complete.

Brainjacking: The Vulnerability of Medical Implants.`

To date, we are yet to figure out how to protect our phones or computers whiles hackers are already breaking into cars, houses and power grid systems. Perhaps the biggest threat posed yet is for implanted medical devices. With a few lines of code, a hacker can control a patient’s pacemaker, or any other medical implants regardless of where they are situated in the body.