July 2017

Coding Bootcamps

Our complete reliance on computers and cell phones are only the starting point of our tech dependence. From your household appliances through to your business investments, being slightly tech-friendly, forget savvy, is the only way to make it through a normal day in contemporary society.

Economies are being transformed and are shaping our approach to the way we educate and raise our children, with far-reaching consequences.  We wince when we encourage our children to spend more time in front of the computer yet know secretly that they are going to need it. 

Email Hoaxes, everyone is at risk.

At this point, most people would make a quick exit to the bathroom and stare blankly at the mirror wondering how their dear friend could be such a moron.

Email and phishing scams make us look like chumps. The victims of these attacks we truly believe could have avoided it, had they been less foolish, inattentive and careless.

Oh, if only that were true.

Victims of phishing scams are just as clever and quick as anyone you will meet.

Hacking the United Kingdom

Coincidence? Although drawing a link between these two seemingly disconnected events appears a little conspiratorial, the flagrant possibility of a connection clearly exists.

The attack lasted a mere 12 hours, yet the attackers were able to steal 1% of emails from Parliament members, over 90 accounts. That number is surprisingly low in comparison to other attacks. The country is rocked by it and is quick to blame Russian and North Korea for the cyber-attack.

Cyber Fraud in the Cloud.

Although it's taken a lot of convincing, both individuals and organizations feel more comfortable hosting their software and available services in the cloud, most noticeably, business owners find it hard to argue with the low cost- opportunities. Comparing a full suite of operational and tracking services where both clients and staff can log in, view and edit the process of current projects for $3-500 a month, with the cost per square foot in your office space, makes even the most techno-phobic of business owners perk up and listen.

The Dark Trace Report: Removing human error.

And what about internal leaks of information? Who can predict which frustrated employee may decide to leak a piece of code that could endanger thousands of people, workers or simply destroy your business interests?

Ok breathe…You aren't the only one who is worried. The Superheroes of the cyber world have come out to fight and there is good news on the virtually emerging horizon.

Brainjacking: The Vulnerability of Medical Implants.`

To date, we are yet to figure out how to protect our phones or computers whiles hackers are already breaking into cars, houses and power grid systems. Perhaps the biggest threat posed yet is for implanted medical devices. With a few lines of code, a hacker can control a patient’s pacemaker, or any other medical implants regardless of where they are situated in the body.

Why are we suddenly so interested in Bitcoins?

A survey conducted by Citrix, a corporate networking company, indicates that IT departments too are preparing for unapparent attacks through bitcoin reservation. This survey was conducted in the UK, where a third of the subjects (with a worker base of more than 250 professionals), out of 250 agreed to stockpiling the currency. Moreover, most of these firms indicated that they didn’t maintain a consistent backup.

Yellow Dot Spy Code.

Such revelations surface at a time when the Russian president, Putin denied any State involvement. Russia stood accused of interfering with USA election systems, contributing to President Trump’s victory.

Winner’s arrest draws attention to facts we should all be concerned about. Why? Because forensic analysis of a printer revealed that she was responsible for printing out the classified information and sharing it.