August 2017

Haas - Hacking as a Service

As you know ransomware attacks are becoming more and more common with WannaCry, NotPetya, and LeakerLocker still ravaging people's lives and bank accounts globally.

In a recent streak of brilliance, hackers created an Android app that teaches you how to create your own ransomware and distribute it to a wide and far-reaching audience. This way, non-technologically savvy users are able to make malicious software. Knowledge is a powerful tool, so you should have it too.

Atlanta Selected to Host International Cyber Security Conference

CyberHub Summit will serve as the first international Cyber Security conference in Atlanta. The conference, sponsored by BHNV Capital, is intended to address and help the audience understand international cyber threats. In order to determine solutions, the global cyber security community must come together and address challenges.

What’s the Deal with the Georgia Cyber Innovation and Training Center?

It will be in Augusta, Georgia, and its purpose is to improve cyber security education, increase the protection of public resources and build an advanced cyber security infrastructure.

According to Deal, cyber security is not only important because of global attacks like the ones we see increasing in both size and frequency globally over the past few months but also because cybercrime is worth more than the combined global black market of cocaine, heroin, and marijuana.

U.S.A – The Cyber Doomsday Preppers.

This time, hackers have been trying to access numerous email accounts in a brute force cyber-attack, predicted to last several days. Members of the Scottish Parliament’s accounts are being locked out to safeguard their private information.

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) is working closely with the Business Information Technology (BIT) Office to both locate the hackers and minimize the damages. Luckily, there was no evidence that the defense of Holyrood as a whole (the Scottish Government) was compromised, in any way.

A heart stopping discovery: FDA recalls close to half-a-million pacemakers in response to cyber security vulnerabilities.

Six models of the devices, manufactured by Abbott (formerly known as St. Jude Medical), were included in the recall which the FDA claims is intended as a “corrective action.”  Officials say people affected by the recall will not require to have the pacemaker removed and replaced, but rather they can fix the vulnerability with an upgrade to the device’s firmware, which will take approximately three minutes to complete.

Hacking Games of Thrones.

Hackers claim to have stolen 1.5 terabytes of private data from the TV network HBO. This includes scripts, never-released episodes, private information about actors and about upcoming shows. This includes a list of personal addresses and phone numbers of Game of Thrones celebrity actors.

For all the Curb Your Enthusiasm fans out there, there was also some information about the upcoming episodes leaked in the hack, so enjoy.

Cyberhub Summit Atlanta 2017 Press Release


ATLANTA (May 24, 2017) – BHNV Capital, a world-wide investment and management firm, is holding CyberHub Summit on November 8 - 9, 2017, in Atlanta. With the ever-present cyber threats such as the WannaCry Virus, to personal and business data, the conference is extremely relevant for the opportunity to learn from thought leaders from across the globe.

The two-day conference is expected to draw CEOs, CIOs and CTOs, as well as other high-ranking officials, who focus on securing personal data.

Wake up and Smell the GDPR: Prepping for May 25th 2018

The countdown to enforcement of the General Data Protection Regulation (G.D.P.R) has started and if businesses don't comply with upgrades to their data protection services, then the fines will start reigning in from next year.  

These directives individualize and unify digital European citizens under one overarching jurisdiction, the G.D.P.R, which is set to supersede 28 national legislative directives and replace the current 21-year-old EU Protection directive 95/46/EU.