November 2017

The Kaspersky Connection.

If you read these posts, you will have noticed the Kapersky name mentioned frequently.

Kaspersky Labs, a heavyweight in the provision of cyber security products is headquartered in Russia and operated through the United Kingdom. Their comments, investigations and position on cyber security situations are taken very seriously and they have international prestige and standing. Unfortunately, the eye of doubt may need to be cast over Kaspersky’s political independence, for the sake of cyber security.

Hacking The Hackers

When hackers create malware software and target others, they actually prefer to catch other hackers in order to target their tools and utilize them. This was demonstrated this week by the Newsky Security researcher Ankit Anubhav with a new PHP script given freely on several underground hacking forums

Money Taker and the local bank shake-down

Earlier this month security researcher's uncovered a super secretive Russian-speaking hacking group believed to have robbed more than 20 financial organizations across the world. This group, known as 'MoneyTaker' (it is great when a brand is so appropriately named), has also stolen sensitive documents costing approximately $11 million. The worry is that these could be used in another attack.


It seems that public opinion still stands at around 50-50 on whether cryptocurrency is a good investment. Even the business maverick Gary Vaynerchuk himself is undecided about it.

With plenty of experts on both sides of the issue, one of the biggest drawbacks of cryptocurrency use, is the frequency with which it can get hacked.  On the plus side, Bitcoin - just surpassed the $7,000 mark. One Bitcoin is now worth more than $7k, that's a large incentive to get involved.

The Great Cyber Conspiracy

Well, turns out that this conspiracy could have more to it than meets the touch screen.

This week the US Department of Justice reportedly gathered enough evidence to charge at least six Russian government officials with hacking the elections. Earlier this year the US government had concluded that Russia was behind the hack, and now they have finally found enough evidence to put some ink to their claim.

The hack itself:

Facebook threats

The implications may not go straight to your bank account, although obviously the intention is to get there eventually, but it does go right to the core of our precious virtual life.

Social Media enthusiasts spend their idle time clicking or swiping on interesting articles or comical memes on Facebook without giving a thought of what they are linking to and if it poses a threat.

Who's watching you?

Unfortunately, Apple users, it's happening right now. This week a brilliant researcher by the name Felix Krause discovered an alarming vulnerability in Apple software which beggars' belief and knocks our faith in our best friends, our phones.

The funny thing is that it’s not really a vulnerability - it’s an actual feature!