Top 4 Women CEOs of Atlanta

There are many areas worth talking about here, including the why and manner in which women CEOs seem to be dropping out or getting overlooked in huge numbers, or we could focus on the positive part – that Atlanta, contrary to the national trend, is full of powerful female CEOs we should be hugely proud of. Gender diversity in leadership is on the up in Atlanta and we are smashing through that glass ceiling with a sledge hammer. 

With a larger leadership talent pool in our great city, we only have what to gain 

Let’s introduce you to some of our Leaders:

Top 5 Cyber Security Conferences to attend in 2019

Cyber security events are a great source of information, connections, and business/career growth. If you haven’t been to one yet, you should definitely plan to go to one of the key events this year. 

Some events are really general and cover a variety of topics while some are more focused on specific issues and cater to a specific subset of the cyber community. At some events, you will see a huge exhibit hall packed with talks, events, and sub-conferences in multiple locations, while other events might have a single track that is more technical or geared for a smaller audience. 

The Top 5 Cyber Companies that Conduct Penetration Testing

No company likes to admit that they have been hacked, but unfortunately in the cyber security industry a lot of the times you might not even know that a breach has occurred. Sometimes a company might not feel the fallout at all, especially if there are no visible signs that they have been attacked. 

There are two obvious scenarios that come to mind. First, a hacker might have copied all of your data for later use. Second, a hacker might have scouted out your system for vulnerabilities and is preparing for a stronger attack next time round.

6 Bad Ass Cybersecurity podcast’s to watch in 2019

Cybersecurity and Information Security podcasts haven’t exactly been a driving force in the surge of popularity in podcasts. For the amateur or the expert, cybersecurity podcasts can provide great value. It’s a special niche that’s being executed by international experts, in the know enthusiasts, real world executors and security providers.

Here’s our list in no particular order of the cybersecurity and InfoSec podcasts to watch in 2019

1. CyberHub Engage

Cyber risks contributed by your supply chain

There is nothing new about the risk of cyber-attacks on IT and Industrial Control Systems (ICS). About a decade ago, people believed that cyber-attacks can only be launched through the internet and adopted the principle of air-gap-isolated systems. The famous Stuxnet attack (2010) was the first strong indication that cyber-attack on IT and ICS (known as Operation Technology- OT) organizations can be also launched internally after the adversary entered your facility.

The real cost of a cyber breach at your company…..Do CEOs really know?

Consider the top five most significant expenses that a business has to manage after a breach.


In 2017 the Ponemon Institute reported it takes more than six months for an organization to find out they have had an intrusion and another 55 days to contain it. Remediation does not necessarily mean the attack has been completely stopped, either, as some attacks remain dormant and undetected.

Loss of customers

Penetration Testing will save Countless Lives: The Cisco Vulnerability

Embedi researchers have this week uncovered a critical vulnerability in Cisco software that left Cisco employees and researchers sleep-deprived, until it was fixed. Researchers demonstrated this susceptibility at a Hong Kong based conference after reporting it to Cisco in May 2017 in a video demonstration. The affected hardware and software includes devices that fall into the Smart Install Client type.

The Future of Programming Human Resources

Increasingly, would-be programmers can participate in coding boot camp and learn the basics in 18 months.

This isn't to say, anyone can become a coder, they can't, in the same way that not everyone can become a Lawyer, Doctor or Accountant – even if the country you live in is willing to give you loans to pay for your education. Apart from having the smarts, you need to have a good basic grasp of IT. It takes a certain type to fill the title of Programmer, but the opportunity is very much there.