According to the U.S. government, the state-sponsored cyber unit, codenamed Hidden Cobra, targets telecoms and financial institutions using sophisticated tools known as Bankshot, Badcall and Hardrain and Fallchill. It has links to previous attacks on SWIFT, the transfer network which connects more than 10,000 banks.

Trouble on the horizon: what ENISA’s Report tells us about the threat of data breaches

Last month, the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA) published its 2017 ‘Threat Landscape Report’1. The Report comments on general trends in the area of cybercrime, and identifies and gathers data on 15 top “cyber-threats”. Many of the threats identified in the Report are designed to target vulnerable individuals. However, one particularly topical cyber threat draws concern both from individuals and organisations: the increasing threat of large scale data breaches.

Vast majority of NHS trusts have failed cyber security assessment, Brit MPs told

Every single one of the 200 NHS trusts in the UK so far assessed for cyber security resilience has failed an on-site assessment, MPs on the Public Accounts Committee were told yesterday.

There are a total of 236 trusts. There is no timeline on when the remaining 36 will be checked over.

In a hearing about the WannaCry incident last June, entitled "Cyber-attack on the NHS", Rob Shaw, deputy chief exec of NHS Digital, denied it was the case that those bodies who didn't get a passing grade had not done anything over cyber security.

Cyberhub Summit Goes Deep Into the Equifax Turmoil and Launches CyberHub Academy in Response

Launching on November 8 and 9th, 2017, at the Omni Hotel at CNN Center, Cyberhub Summit endeavors to explore and explain the Equifax data breach, the impact of Fake News on Cybersecurity, and puts a warning light on Cybersecurity's greatest weakness -- the average corporate employee.

Says Cyberhub CEO, Karin Zalcberg, "Corporate leaders have not explored training for their employees. They are stuck in the past and honestly don't know what to do." Zalcberg adds, "Cyberhub Summit is just the first of our goals designed to move the needle on cybersecurity awareness."

Female Entrepreneur Starts Business, Summit

With the rise in cyber threats over the past few years, Cyberhub CEO Karin Zalcberg saw a void and began a program to educate and protect the public. 

That was when she was at her previous job where she led an aggressive sales team in financial services and worked with a diverse clientele of companies, including online gaming, biomedical, insurance and education. 

The aftermath of Equifax

Simply put, no one seems to be able to do the math, maybe because the numbers were so high (the massive data breach affected approximately 143 million consumers in the USA). Compare that to the total population in 2017 and you get 44%! That’s a cringe-worthy 'almost' half of the entire population having their personal data breached!