Email Security.

With multiple mass cyber break-ins and hackers giving all their efforts to destroy any sense of security we may have in our communications, it's natural to be concerned about the level of security that email service providers can actually give.

The email giants are all experiencing a great deal of change when it comes to their security strategy and approach, and rightly so.

When should an organization report a data breach?

No matter what its size or cybersecurity posture, your organization is vulnerable to cyber crime and data breaches. Under federal, state, and international laws, once organizations become aware of a breach they have a certain amount of time to report it to the relevant supervisory authority. Sitting on an incident without reporting it puts organizations at risk of legal and other ramifications.

Knowledge Is Power in the Battle to Control Our Data

The sheer amount of data we generate on a daily basis can be more than 300 MB each day and sharing some of this information is a part of modern life. Attempting to control who collects, uses and shares our personal information requires technical tools and know-how and a basic understanding of what risks can ultimately emerge. But before anyone offers up a standard set of tips for how best to manage your privacy, it’s worth taking a moment to learn more about the complex data ecosystem in which we all now live – and what that means for controlling information about us.

Identity fraud enters a new era of complexity

The 2018 Identity Fraud Study found that despite industry efforts to prevent identity fraud, fraudsters successfully adapted to net 1.3 million more victims in 2017, with the amount stolen rising to $16.8 billion. With the adoption of EMV cards and terminals, the types of identity fraud continued to shift online and away from physical stores. The complexity of fraud is also on the rise as criminals are opening more new accounts as a means of compromising accounts consumers already have.

The two most important ways to defend against security threats

An average of 5,000 to 7,000 new computer security threats are announced each year. That’s as many as 19 every day. The rate at which new threats appear make it difficult to decide which ones require your attention. It might surprise you that, while your competitors waste money on high-tech, expensive, and sometimes exotic defenses, you can get far more value by concentrating on just two things you already do.

Cyber Security Trends

Surveys and studies are beginning to produce similar disparate results, the two sides of the Atlantic have vastly diverse understandings of what it means to be cyber-safe. Not only that, but right here at home, your cyber security awareness is heavily affected by your age group, as are your computer skills, although not necessarily in the same direction.

Cyber Security and cyber knowledge, unfortunately do not come hand in hand and just because you are online 24/7, it doesn’t equate to being safer. 

UK Residents More Cyber Security Savvy Than Americans

Apple may have taken too big a bite.

A Genuine Explanation?

When the news first surfaced, following the discovery published on a tech blog, Apple came out to confirm these findings. However, the company explained that they were reducing performances of older iPhones allegedly with the intention of preserving these older models, to compensate for the battery degradation and denied any underhand intentions.

Cyber Security, Digital marketing and the Evolving market.

Although we would argue that there is still a vital need for direct marketing and cold calling, traditional no-frills cold calling is waning in effectiveness, with most consumers, be they millennials or simply under 50 years old, giving cold calling little or none of their time.

Not only that but although most of us still have one of those cute telephones that sit in our living rooms attached to the wall, we don't use them anywhere near as much as we used to.


Not really, it's actually a little bit creepy and now that the existence of web-tracking and similar methods companies use to keep your digital footprints in stored data has been completely and publicly revealed, some of us are even a little peeved.

CyberHub Academy’s 5 Holiday Cyber Security Tips.

1. Protect the human factor

As hectic as the end of the year is for everyone involved in a business, there are certain security measures that should not be ignored or overlooked. You should establish rules and practices with your employees on how to handle and protect customer information and other vital data.

2. Update your passwords