Paypal and Cyber Vulnerabilities

The global e-commerce platform PayPal disclosed a data breach that may have compromised roughly 1.6 million customer accounts.

Be honest folks, you’ve been scared to go into cryptocurrency for the fear of those massive breaches of ICOs, wallets, and personal accounts. You never worried too much about PayPal, well, that time is over.

Turns out, the breach may not be as bad as it looks, or maybe that’s just what PayPal wants us to believe.

Who's watching you?

Unfortunately, Apple users, it's happening right now. This week a brilliant researcher by the name Felix Krause discovered an alarming vulnerability in Apple software which beggars' belief and knocks our faith in our best friends, our phones.

The funny thing is that it’s not really a vulnerability - it’s an actual feature!

Time to Panic? Potential Wi-Fi Security Breach Uncovered

Biggest Internet Security Threat Ever?

Details of the latest vulnerability discovered in the WPA2 protocol have until this point not been shared with the public. The breach was discovered by the group of researchers who developed KRACK, pointedly spelled with a K and an acronym for Key Reinstallation Attacks.

Cyber Security Best Business practices

Outlined here are 10 cybersecurity practices we believe that you should be incorporating for your Business IT safety, immediately:

  1. It all starts at home – Educate your Staff

Your workers, are unfortunately, the thorn in the side of IT security practices. You must mitigate the level of risk. Basic training must include password protection skills, recognition of phishing scams, simple malware applications and company privacy policies.

Different Approaches to Cybersecurity.

As a side thought, it's almost comical how Presidents Trumps' 'swamp draining' could collaborate with all kinds of nefarious cyber criminals, both parties wanting to get a look into the everyday appropriation of public money that is arguably happening in Washington.

One country, stoic until the end on cybersecurity is the communist republic of China. It is the only country that has not one but two Great Walls - China’s Great Wall (you know, the one you can see from outer space) and the Great Firewall.

The Future of Programming Human Resources

Increasingly, would-be programmers can participate in coding boot camp and learn the basics in 18 months.

This isn't to say, anyone can become a coder, they can't, in the same way that not everyone can become a Lawyer, Doctor or Accountant – even if the country you live in is willing to give you loans to pay for your education. Apart from having the smarts, you need to have a good basic grasp of IT. It takes a certain type to fill the title of Programmer, but the opportunity is very much there.

What’s the Deal with the Georgia Cyber Innovation and Training Center?

It will be in Augusta, Georgia, and its purpose is to improve cyber security education, increase the protection of public resources and build an advanced cyber security infrastructure.

According to Deal, cyber security is not only important because of global attacks like the ones we see increasing in both size and frequency globally over the past few months but also because cybercrime is worth more than the combined global black market of cocaine, heroin, and marijuana.

The Dark Trace Report: Removing human error.

And what about internal leaks of information? Who can predict which frustrated employee may decide to leak a piece of code that could endanger thousands of people, workers or simply destroy your business interests?

Ok breathe…You aren't the only one who is worried. The Superheroes of the cyber world have come out to fight and there is good news on the virtually emerging horizon.

Cyber Security Risk Management

Cyber Security Risks: different and more dangerous than any other business risk? Cyber security and Risk Management, focuses on the integration of cyber security risk management in the enterprise risk management framework. Cyber security risks have been a concern ever since 1969, when the first nodes of data were transmitted over the precursor to the World Wide Web. The World Economic Forum now ranks them among the greatest threats to global stability - bested only by war, drought, climate change and large-scale migration.