The Truth Behind Social Engineering 1/3

My name is Karin Zalcberg and I am the Founder and CEO of CyberHub USA and today I want to write about a topic that is worldwide, breakthrough and painful – that is, “social engineering”.  This is the first edition in my 4-part Social engineering blog special. You will want to tune in for each of these.

First, allow me to define what social engineering is.

Keeping Your Children Safe in the Age of Smartphones

Monitor Your Kids’ Activity

A simple Norton Security Premium account will give valuable insight into your kids’ activity on Android phones, as well as allow you to control the kind of content they can install or access, they don't even need to know you are watching.

Some of the options include turning off YouTube access, you can see these restrictions as installing a PG rating on less than child-friendly material which is still widely available.

Unwrap your Christmas goodies with care.

This security concern, is entirely valid and is being demonstrated to us, over and over. Amazon, for example, has several fingers in cyber pies when it comes to turning entire product lines at Lowes into a shade of something digital, including Cloud Cam and Amazon Key which offers remote access to your home for delivery people.

The problem is, as soon as Amazon Key was introduced, the news headlines spotted that the remote video may have a fatal flaw and that residents may be viewing a still image, whilst dubious delivery men are robbing their home.

The Great Cyber Conspiracy

Well, turns out that this conspiracy could have more to it than meets the touch screen.

This week the US Department of Justice reportedly gathered enough evidence to charge at least six Russian government officials with hacking the elections. Earlier this year the US government had concluded that Russia was behind the hack, and now they have finally found enough evidence to put some ink to their claim.

The hack itself:

Facebook threats

The implications may not go straight to your bank account, although obviously the intention is to get there eventually, but it does go right to the core of our precious virtual life.

Social Media enthusiasts spend their idle time clicking or swiping on interesting articles or comical memes on Facebook without giving a thought of what they are linking to and if it poses a threat.

U.S.A – The Cyber Doomsday Preppers.

This time, hackers have been trying to access numerous email accounts in a brute force cyber-attack, predicted to last several days. Members of the Scottish Parliament’s accounts are being locked out to safeguard their private information.

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) is working closely with the Business Information Technology (BIT) Office to both locate the hackers and minimize the damages. Luckily, there was no evidence that the defense of Holyrood as a whole (the Scottish Government) was compromised, in any way.