Cyber risks contributed by your supply chain

There is nothing new about the risk of cyber-attacks on IT and Industrial Control Systems (ICS). About a decade ago, people believed that cyber-attacks can only be launched through the internet and adopted the principle of air-gap-isolated systems. The famous Stuxnet attack (2010) was the first strong indication that cyber-attack on IT and ICS (known as Operation Technology- OT) organizations can be also launched internally after the adversary entered your facility.

@MalwareTech – #CyberHero or #CyberVillain?

The 'WannaCry' attack was huge, the ransomware virus hit more than 300,000 computers in over 150 countries. CBS news claim that the damage from these attacks could "swell into the billions", estimated at $4 billion by Cyence, the cyber risk modeling firm.

The costs include lost productivity, the cost of conducting investigations, restoration of data and of course, extortion and blackmail.