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The Top Four Ways Hackers choose their next Victim.

Your best bet is to have a greater awareness of the typical and obvious vulnerabilities present in your system, because whilst many victims ask "Why me?", we ask "Why does it matter?" 

You may have been chosen randomly or you may be a target because of the nature of your business, the truth is, you'll never know. What you can know, is how a typical hacker operates and make yourself into a hard to reach and complicated prospect.

To begin our series of looking at the Hacker from the 'Inside out" here are four approaches that hackers use to lock on to their next target:


According to the U.S. government, the state-sponsored cyber unit, codenamed Hidden Cobra, targets telecoms and financial institutions using sophisticated tools known as Bankshot, Badcall and Hardrain and Fallchill. It has links to previous attacks on SWIFT, the transfer network which connects more than 10,000 banks.

Tracking and Cracking Phones.

The upsurge in technology is making it harder for hackers to penetrate either our desktop computers or our pocket computers (our smart phones). Most of the time, we view this as a big 'thumbs up' for cyber security, as it means that the data we try to keep private and reserved for our own use, isn’t in the hands of anyone who would want to control us, be that the criminals, the government or anyone else.

Crypto Mines

There is a new style of cyberwarfare to be afraid of, and no, it's not smart devices. We all know by this point that your grandmother's smart heart device can be hacked. There's nothing to be done. 

We are actually talking about something different.