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Cyber Criminals and Human Catastrophes: How do they sleep at Night?

Disaster fraud, an all-encompassing term to cover both on and offline fraud of individuals post-catastrophe, covers issues such as: price-gouging, fake charitable solicitations, contractor fraud, property insurance fraud and forgery.

In terms of Cyber-fraud, the majority of these criminal acts fall under bogus charitable solicitations, contractor fraud and forgery, although it can spill over into other areas.

Cyber Security Trends

Surveys and studies are beginning to produce similar disparate results, the two sides of the Atlantic have vastly diverse understandings of what it means to be cyber-safe. Not only that, but right here at home, your cyber security awareness is heavily affected by your age group, as are your computer skills, although not necessarily in the same direction.

Cyber Security and cyber knowledge, unfortunately do not come hand in hand and just because you are online 24/7, it doesn’t equate to being safer. 

UK Residents More Cyber Security Savvy Than Americans

Amazon Go – Is this what full circle looks like?

How it Goes

The Amazon Go store, apart from seeming to be a tad elitist (no food stamps accepted here, or cash for that matter) is a store of Amazon grocery products functioning without cashiers, cash or checkouts.

Buyers enter the store with their downloaded QR code, Android or iPhone, almost like logging in at (which is where you will need to get the QR code). With this login, Amazon gets to know who is in store, or on site.